Why Feed Wild Birds?display-birdroom

Birdfeeding is one of the largest outdoor hobbies that can bring a diverse variety of birds to your backyard. With more developments being built, birds are losing their natural habitat. By providing the proper feeders, seed, water and accessories you can turn your yard into the natural environment that is needed for our feathered friends to survive. By attracting wild birds to your yard, you can help control insects around your home, yard & gardens.

At “The Bird Room” located inside Haines Farm & Garden, you will find everything you need to start feeding. We have a vast assortment of feeders to choose from, including Decorative, Sunflower, Thistle, Mixed seed, Squirrel Proof & Fruit feeders and a knowledgeable staff to help you with your purchase.

We carry Lyric Bird Feed, which is one of the best you can buy. It is a fresh, filler-free & healthy food. Since it is FILLER-FREE (unlike seed mixes found in most grocery stores) there is less mess & wasted seed. Fillers are found in most Value Seed bags. They are wheat, red millet & milo. They offer little nutritional value and are not appealing to most birds. Most ends up on the ground under your feeder. If you choose to use this type of seed it is best to mix it with higher quality seed such as sunflower seed or cracked corn. There are 8 different seed blends to choose from, depending on the type of birds you are trying to attract to your yard.

During the winter months it is best to provide black oil sunflower seed. It has a thinner shell which is easier for small birds to remove and contains a higher percent of oil which is essential for keeping the birds warm in the winter. Another good choice for winter feeding is suet. Suet is a high-energy, pure-fat source of food that helps provide more calories to stay warm. It’s also a great way to attract woodpeckers to your yard.

Other products carried include, bird & bat houses, baffles, hooks, bird cam, bird baths & heaters.


Why mount a Bat House?

One Brown Bat can eat 600 plus mosquitos in an hour!  Plus they eat other night flying insects.

  • Bat houses are maintenance free & should be left in place year round.
  • Mount 12-15’ above ground on a pole or attached to a tree.



Our Wild Birdfeeding accessories include:

  • Squirrel Baffles (used to hang or pole mount to prevent squirrels from reaching your feeder)
  • Bird Bath heaters
  • Tree hooks – for hanging your feeder
  • Feeder cleaning
  • Pole Mounting
  • Birdfeeding Station – for hanging several feeders – also includes a suet feeder & water dish



Another way to attract wild birds to your yard is to hang or mount a birdhouse.  We carry Wren,  Bluebird and Purple Martin houses, along with several more decorative, but functional houses.  We also have Butterfly houses & feeders.


Hummingbird Feeders:

Attracting humingbirds to your yard can be both fun & rewarding.  The ruby-throated hummingbird is the most common in our area.  They are the only bird that can fly backwards, can beat their wings 53 times a second and consumes ½ its weight in nectar each day.

Attracting them to your yard is easy if you provide nectar-rich flowers (salvia’s are the best), hang a feeder & provide a source of water or birdbath.

Nectar:  You can purchase nectar or make your own by mixing 2 cups water and a ½ cup white sugar.  Nectar should be replaced weekly to prevent spoilage & growth of mold.  Always clean & rinse your feeder with hot tap water between fillings.